[tor-dev] Tor and DNS

Linus Nordberg linus at nordberg.se
Thu Jan 19 12:39:24 UTC 2012


After some interesting discussions irl last week with knowledgeable DNS
and security people (hi Jakob) I'd like to hear from people involved
with DNS in Tor what current status is and what needs to be done.

More specifically, what's the status of ttdnsd and TorDNSd?  Are they
being used?  Any thoughts about having a local validating resolver?

I know there's been some discussions (4zm, are you here?) about using
libunbound (which could be interesting for DNSSEC support).  Did that
evolve into anything useful?

I'm by no means a DNS expert but would love to see some discussion about
this, partly because future IPv6 work will depend on changes to our DNS


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