[tor-dev] DuckDuckGo, iOS and other stuff.

caine tighe nil at opensesame.st
Mon Jan 2 19:39:51 UTC 2012


  So we are currently developing v2 of DDG applications and I'm
personally interested in getting you guys involved.  I think that
there is serious value in ensuring Tor is an option for both Android
and iOS.  Currently we support Tor via Orbot on Android via the HTTP/S
proxy method since the SOCKS method is known to have DNS leaks.

  Since the applications will be distributed via the respective
stores, and specifically in the case of iOS, we cannot rely on the
whole rooted / jailbroken methods.  I understand that there is an
application Covert Browser that claims to properly leverage Tor;
however, since the source is closed, I remain unconvinced.  This
application stands to be both an interface to DuckDuckGo for quick and
secure searching as well as a Tor enabled browser.

  We are always looking for other ways we can help, so let us know.
I'd also like to discuss donation and a few other administration
things off-list.



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