[tor-dev] Parallel Crypto - Library dep.

Nick Mathewson nickm at alum.mit.edu
Fri Feb 3 16:46:01 UTC 2012

On Tue, Jan 31, 2012 at 8:49 PM, David Goulet <dgoulet at ev0ke.net> wrote:
> So going for a wait-free queue and a normal locked queue, it's not that
> difficult (in terms of APIs/ABIs handling) but the question I think is do we
> want first to do a "normal locking queue" in the tor code tree and than go for a
> lockless from a external lib with a compat layer between lock and lockless ?
> Personally, I think we should go straight for one type of data structure and
> make sure we create a decent compat layer on top to be able to switch from one
> technology to an other easily.
> Does it makes sense to you?

I think that makes sense, if I understand you correctly.  If what we
need is a work queue, for example, I don't much care what the initial
implementation is, so long as it is easy to add others.


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