[tor-dev] Testing in Tor [was Re: Brainstorming a Tor censorship analysis tool]

Damian Johnson atagar at torproject.org
Thu Dec 20 18:50:45 UTC 2012

> So I have a built and make tested tor- folder and stem/ in a
> parallel folder. When I run the command then I get the following:
> $ ./run_tests.py --integ
> Unable to start tor, 'tor' does not exists.
> How can I run the tests on the Tor built in the tor- folder?

Just run './run_tests.py --integ --tor /path/to/tor'. Without the
'--tor' argument it uses the tor instance in your path (and you
evidently don't have one).

Another argument that you might be interested in is '--target RUN_ALL'
which will exercise all of the connection and authentication
mechanisms. This'll take quite a while to run but provides the best
test coverage. You can provide '--help' to see the other options.

Stem's integration tests were designed to test stem. Coincidentally
they provide basic verification testing of Tor, though I'd love to see
them be expanded to more dedicatedly test Tor! -Damian

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