[tor-dev] Testing in Tor [was Re: Brainstorming a Tor censorship analysis tool]

Simon simonhf at gmail.com
Thu Dec 20 18:15:20 UTC 2012

On Wed, Dec 19, 2012 at 6:31 PM, Damian Johnson <atagar at torproject.org> wrote:
>>  [...]
>>> Maybe there is no automated testing for any Tor projects? At least a
>>> quick search on the wiki only found [1] which lists possible ways to
>>> test (but was created 7 months ago and apparently not updated since
>>> and collecting dust) and [2] discussing a manual test procedure for
>>> TBB. However, tor- does reveal some test files but the
>>> source code ratio of production code to test code is not inspiring at
>>> first glance:
>> [...]
>> Be aware that we've also been using 'chutney' and 'experimentor' for
>> integration testing.  They supplement coverage a bit, though they need
>> more tests, and each tends to hide certain classes of error.
> I hate being forgotten in testing discussions. Stem provides rather
> extensive integration testing targeted at Tor's controller interface.
> https://stem.torproject.org/
> To run it simply...
> git clone https://git.torproject.org/stem.git
> cd stem
> ./run_tests.py --integ
> Help expanding the tests even further would be greatly appreciated. -Damian

So I have a built and make tested tor- folder and stem/ in a
parallel folder. When I run the command then I get the following:

$ ./run_tests.py --integ
Unable to start tor, 'tor' does not exists.

How can I run the tests on the Tor built in the tor- folder?


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