[tor-dev] Stem code review 2012-12-10

Sean Robinson seankrobinson at gmail.com
Fri Dec 14 15:09:33 UTC 2012

Stem devs,

This is a review of recent commits to Stem.  It begins where my last review
ended[0] and finishes at the "Adding a close_stream..." merge.

The pydoc changes to Controller.extend_circuit are good additions.

I do not understand much of the context for changes regarding network
status docs, exit policy, address type, etc.  But, the code appears to do
what the comments claim it should do (e.g. lazy loading address info).
Take that evaluation with a grain of salt.

As to re-attaching event listeners[1], I agree that putting a specialized
hook into BaseController.msg seems bad.  I have an alternate idea[2] that
puts the re-attachment in an authenticate method.  I am not proposing this
as the solution, but I hope this sparks the idea for another way to handle

I think the 'as' import keyword[3] is mainly for shortening long names and
easily avoiding namespace collision.  For example:
>>> import pkg.reallylongmodulename as rlmn
>>> import socket
>>> import niftysocket.socket as nsocket

[4]: this footnote intentionally left blank

Sean Robinson
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