[tor-dev] Proposal 216 (ntor) redux

Ian Goldberg iang at cs.uwaterloo.ca
Thu Dec 13 21:21:09 UTC 2012

lines 30-32:
#  Let a,A=KEYGEN() yield a new private-public keypair in G, where a is
#  the secret key and A = EXP(g,a).  If additional checks are needed to
#  insure a valid keypair, they should be performed.


Should those checks be specified?  In particular, you need to ensure
that the low three bits of a are 0.  Ah, I see you say it down at line
52-53; perhaps it should be moved up here?  You also define g down at
51, but use it at 31.  In addition, are a,A,g in the above para meant to
be numbers or strings?  You'll likely need to specify the mapping
between numbers and strings (it's just little-endian bytes, as it turns

   - Ian

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