[tor-dev] Flashproxy alpha bundles

adrelanos adrelanos at riseup.net
Thu Dec 13 17:10:52 UTC 2012

> - Is configuring port forwarding insurmountable for you?

It was always too much to ask the user to set up a port forwarding. Try
asking your non-technical friends or family. You'll see. Alternatively
search for RetroShare, emule, filesharing port forwarding and see how
many people having trouble.

There are also cases, where it is impossible to set up a port
forwarding. Such cases include for example 3G networks, WiFi hotspots or
all other networks where the admin won't do it for you.

I think dropping the requirement for a port forwarding is crucial to let
any non-geek users profit from it. Or wait for IPv6 and such problems
will vanish?

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