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Leonardo Camargo camargoleon4rdo at gmail.com
Tue Dec 4 10:02:20 UTC 2012


First of all, if that's not a suitable message for [tor-dev], I apologise
and will promptly go for [tor-talk] instead.

I'm a CS undergrad and am time-pressed to present a graduation project
proposal. Getting involved with Tor is something that has been on my mind
for a long time, but I only now started taking the time to actually look
into it. I need to present a proposal about something specific in the next
few days, though I probably can refine/redirect my objectives in the
following weeks.

Something that really interests me is the possible move of tor traffic from
tcp to udp, in the foreseeable future. I'd like to work on something that
helps moving Tor closer to the point where this architectural change can
start happening. Network programming and security are two topics that
interest me a lot.

I need something specific of the likes of "Look into X and tell us how to
best achieve Y" or "Research W looking for a, b and c" ; something that
could realistically help and something that can be a proposal. I'm not
expecting people to teach me anything, just to point me in the right
direction so I don't waste time on something that won't be realistically

I'm not simply looking for anything that will fit as a graduation project,
I'm actually trying to combine* several goals in one*: (a) study tor in
depth, (b) help out with something realistically useful, (c) graduate. And
my wish in to continue my involvement with tor after my project is done.

My desire is to work on "my thing" rather than my (future) advisor's
thing(whatever he's got), if I come up to him with something already
thought-throught he'll be less likely to try and sway me towards something

I'm reading up the docs. But right now something specific for me to present
as proposal would help a lot.

Any ideas are welcome.
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