[tor-dev] Grailo.net is live (but very young)

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Sun Dec 2 13:44:16 UTC 2012

On 01/12/12 23:39, Clay Graham wrote:

> You may remember an email from me about a week ago, and I could really
> use some pointers.
> We just stealth launched an alpha version of http://grailo.net and I
> would love all of you to try it out and give me feedback. Its 100% open
> source, 100% free, and you can even fork the project yourself on github. 
> Its goal: Create a simple to use client side, RSA public key encryption
> for microblogging on the internet.
> The reason I am reaching out to you is I am I am interested in creating
> a client side plugin for the TOR browser so that people can use the
> client side encryption safely and privately, and without fear. Since
> scripting is disabled in TOR, with good reason, I want a plugin that is
> blessed by the TOR project as open and safe for encryption.
> Any leads on where to get started are greatly appreciated.

I can't trust any javascript that your service sends to my browser over
Tor, because you don't use https. That javascript on the signup page
which generates your private key... How do I know that script came from
your server and that it's not a modified version which came from an exit
node, which is going to report the key back to them after it is generated?

At a bare minimum, before I would even start considering using this
service, every single resource that your site delivers should be sent
over https, all http connections should be redirected to https. HSTS
should be used so browsers remember to use https, and you should contact
the Chromium project to get yourself on their list of pinned SSL sites
for first time visitors (which is also used in Firefox now I believe),
and is also used in the HTTPS-Everywhere project for rule generation.

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