[tor-dev] Greetings && The APAF project

Michele Orrù maker.py at gmail.com
Tue Apr 24 07:02:07 UTC 2012

I'm wrtiting this email to introduce myself to the tor community.
I'm new to tor, I've started to discover its community with the
GlobaLeaks project; and now, for the Google Summer of Code, I will be
involved in the APAF project.
So probably all these days I will hang around your irc channel and
this mailing list, getting known to some of the core developers.

The APAF project, as described by Arturo in
, aims to be a static file server written in python, on the same
development idea behind the tor browser bundle: being a simple and
portable executable for non-technical user.
So, the core idea is to create a python standalone .exe / .app so that
anybody can easily set up a tor hidden service and configure it (via
web browser or gui, to be defined); hoping that this will spread the
use of hidden services, which AFAIK, nowdays aren't so much used.
The most powerful concept behind this in my opinion is that, by
design, the APAF should be as modular as possible, so that any other
python application developer will be able to build its own software in
such a way that it runs as a Tor Hidden Service. "Most powerful"
becouse learning and collaboration shall be behind the opensouce idea,
which is what I hope to work for.

Deadlines for the project are described in
Starting today, I am going to outline the design of the APAF - which
libraries it is going to use, mockups, how to be configured, and so
on. Since I will probably discuss all these choices with my mentor
Arturo on the irc channel #tor-dev, any advice is welcome :)


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