[tor-dev] First-time tails/tor user feedback

Robert Ransom rransom.8774 at gmail.com
Sat Apr 21 16:21:09 UTC 2012

On 2012-04-21, Andrew Lewman <andrew at torproject.is> wrote:

> # Third issue: green onion
> 3 of 8 people saw the green onion appear in the menu bar up top. These
> three people hovered over it and saw the 'Connected to the Tor Network'
> message. No one knew to double-click on it to get a menu of other things
> to do. No one knew to right-click on it to get the drop-down menu.

What should they have wanted to do with Vidalia?

> They
> were presented with the default check.torproject.org 'congratulations'
> page and then sat there.
> # Fourth issue: check.tpo is not helpful
> 8 of 8 people saw the default check.torproject.org site telling them
> 'congratulations. Your browser is configured to use tor.' 7 of 8 people
> asked 'where is my browser?' The one who didn't ask this question was
> already a firefox user and recognized the interface. 0 of 8 understood
> what the IP address message meant. Comments ranged from 'is that
> different than my current IP address?' to 'what's an ip address?'
> As an aside, when showing someone TBB on their own laptop, they saw the
> check.tpo site, and then went to Safari and started it up. When asked
> why they did this, the answer was 'safari is my browser. this says your
> browser is configured to use tor.'

That is exactly why I suggested the phrase “Congratulations. *This*
browser is configured to use Tor.” (emphasis added) on
https://bugs.torproject.org/2289 .  But when I explained on IRC that
there is a big difference between “this browser” and “your browser”,
no one believed that users would interpret them differently.

Robert Ransom

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