[tor-dev] Self Introduction for GSoC 2012

junior tsimonpatrick at gmail.com
Tue Apr 3 20:11:15 UTC 2012

Hi Tor Community,

My name is Tengey Junior Patrick, a 4th year student of the University
of Ghana, in Ghana of course. I am offering computer science and
Mathematics and am a programmer mainly in java who is very interested
in participating in GSoC 2012 with Tor.

I have read that Tor is participating in GSoC 2012. I am very enthused
about what Tor does and I can’t wait to be a part of this campaign of
improving Internet privacy and security. Especially because I have
been a victim of Internet Surveillance where my password was tempered
with so I am well motivated for this. I have been observing your
community interactions for some time now.

I have already subscribed to the tor-announce mailing list and the
tor-dev list. I have also been idling on the #tor-dev on the OFTC IRC
channel. I have gone
through the proposed students’ projects [2] and some documentations on
"Running Tor" [1] . I have downloaded and installed the stable version
of the Vidalia bundle and I am acquainting myself with its usage. I
want to know if I am doing the right things since I am new to Tor.
Also I want to know if the project on "Tor Controller Status Event
Interface for Vidalia" is still available to work on. I particularly
program in Java and have done some work on UI developements. Also I am
quite proficient in the english language and can play around with
photoshop as well. But I don’t really program in c++ though I have
learnt the basics in skul, so does that disqualify me from working on
the project. If not, what else must I know prior to the application in
order to get acquainted with your practices and better understand your
organizational set up. I will be very glad if help is given me in this
regard. Thanks a lot.


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