[tor-dev] Future direction for torperf

Thomas S. Benjamin tomb at acm.org
Thu Sep 29 19:16:25 UTC 2011

Dear all,

I am working on a re-design of torperf that will use a central python
script to automate initiation and control of torperf experiments.

I have a very rough draft that provides the most basic level of
functionality in tomb/torperf.git branch 3280, and have ticket #3280
as wanting review.

The code needs substantial improvement, but I would love feedback on
my general approach before I spend a lot of time on grooming this
specific version.

If you use torperf please consider giving me feedback on the direction
in which I am heading with this.  I want to make sure that I am
designing something that will work for other people, rather than just
for my own experiments.

I have chosen not to merge into a branch of torperf.git because my
working style involves lots of frequent verbose commits, which would
be distracting for most people.  I will roll together the many commits
before merging into torperf.git

Sincerely Yours,
              ---Thomas S. Benjamin

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