[tor-dev] Survey on Tor Trac usage and how you manage your tasks

Mike Perry mikeperry at fscked.org
Thu Sep 1 00:02:34 UTC 2011

Thus spake Mike Perry (mikeperry at fscked.org):

> > 1.12 What features are you missing in Trac?
> 1. Git commit hooks.
> We should be able to mention "Bug #XXX" at the start
> of a commit message and have that commit get posted as a comment to
> trac w/ a link to the gitweb url for the commit. I believe we have a
> trac plugin for this, but it is not yet properly configured.
> At other employers, commits could only go into stable releases if they
> referenced a bug # in the first line. I thought this was a good
> policy. Back in the SVN days, this property was actually enforcable on
> the server. Git may make this bit more difficult..
> 2. Trac 0.12-stable.
> I would like some of the embedded query syntax that is available in
> 0.12.x-stable of trac. In particular, 0.12 would make it much easier
> to compute the rate of Opened tickets against a given project in a
> certain period of time.
> 3. Better handling of duplicate bugs.
> The "dup" feature should have a bug field that causes both bugs to be
> updated automatically with links to eachother.
> 4. Field updates should perhaps not send email
> Some field updates don't require emailing everybody on the ticket. I
> *think* 0.12 might provide the ability to solve this one, too, but I
> am not sure.
> > 1.13 What features would you want our Trac not to offer anymore, because
> > they're making things only more confusing for you (and for people who
> > are new to Tor)?
> I think the 'cypherpunk' user should have to add an email address in
> the Cc field. If they put mailinator in there, so be it. But they at
> least need to know we need to talk to them, or their bugs will
> probably just sit around forever.

I'd like to add the following feature requests to my poll results:

5. Prevent trac from emailing you about your own changes

always_notify_updater = false in trac.ini is close to this, but it is
not exactly what I want. I think it is useful to automatically notify
previous updaters via email, but it seems silly to send me mail for my
own changes. Yet there is only one option for both behaviors in trac..

I could see setting it to false and just being more careful about
adding people to the Cc line as a stopgap.

6. Embargoed/Security tickets

For serious security issues, it would be nice to be able to make
tickets not viewable by accounts not on the Cc, owner, or reporter
lines of the ticket. I don't think trac can do this at all.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs
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