[tor-dev] Bug triage status

Nick Mathewson nickm at freehaven.net
Thu Nov 24 05:36:30 UTC 2011

Hi, Roger!

As discussed, I did some Tor bug triage tonight.  Here's what I did:

 * I made a new "Tor: very long term" (formerly "Tor: distant future")
milestone for stuff too long-term to be in "Tor: unspecified."  Now we
will no longer have "unspecified" mean "maybe never" to some of us and
"I honestly don't know" to others.
 * I made a new "tor: 0.2.4.x" milestone
 * I went through every ticket in "post 0.2.3.x" (there were like 3 or
4) and reassigned them someplace better.
 * I went through every ticket without a component.
 * I went through every ticket in Tor: unspecified to see if it
belonged there.  Surprisingly, very few of them belonged in "Tor: very
long term".
 * I went through every ticket without a milestone that was assigned
to one of the core Tor components (that is, Tor Bridge, Tor Hidden
Service, Tor Directory Authority, Tor Client, Tor Relay).  Now they
all have milestones; some few of them also have comments, or are

Still to do, possibly by me, possibly not:

  * Triage all 233 open 0.2.3.x tickets.  The ones that are
feature-like, big, and not planned to get done by nov 30 should get
punted to "unspecified" or 0.2.4.x or "very long term."  The ones that
are feature-like and small should get ordinary triage. The ones that
are bugs should get priorities assigned, or marked as deferrable, or
  * Triage all 23 open 0.2.2.x-final tickets.  Some of these are bugs
that we believe *should* have their fixes applied on 0.2.2; some are
merely bugs that *exist* in 0.2.2, but which might not be important
enough to alter a stable release.
  * Triage all core-Tor bugs in a milestone other than 0.2.2.x-final,
0.2.3.x-final, 0.2.4.x-final, unspecified, or very long term.

Next steps for Roger here:

  * Go over the "Unspecified" stuff I've triaged to see if you agree.
It should be cleaner than it was before,

happy Thanksgiving,

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