[tor-dev] Tor glossary

Shondoit shondoit at gmail.com
Wed Nov 23 12:07:31 UTC 2011

During translating last week it occurred to me that we do not have a
consistent translation for some common phrases.

I've set up a first draft of all common words that are used throughout the
various Tor projects.

Why I'm sending this to tor-dev is the following:
- You as developers know which phrases are important for a clear
communication of Tor's (and others) workings. I would very much like if you
can add to the lists the words that are essential to be consistently
translated. (as of writing this, I know I forgot to add 'Introduction
 - Sometimes different phrases are used throughout the applications.
Sometimes it's called an 'exit node' other times it's an 'exit relay'. It
would benefit consistency when devs use the glossary for common terms.
 - Translators sometimes don't know the definition of words, or the context
changes. A directory in the Tor context is different from a directory in an
OS context. I'm not sure what the best way is to go about doing this, but
we need definitions.

The last version of the list can be found in my github:

If you have additions to the list, definitions, suggestions, you can either
email or clone/fork the repo and add it yourself.

Thanks in advance
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