[tor-dev] arm - new identity ...

Damian Johnson atagar1 at gmail.com
Mon May 23 14:57:44 UTC 2011

Hi Dominik. Sounds good, we should keep this simple (at least for the
first version) so lets go with #2 and #3. Developing this should be
pretty straight forward...

1. Add "sendNewnym", "isNewnymAvailable", and "getNewnymWait" methods
to 'src/util/torTools.py'. All of these should be very easy.

2. Add a handler for sending a newnym in 'src/cli/headerPanel.py'.
This is done by overwriting the "handleKey(self, key)" method - for an
example see just about any of the other panels. I'm currently working
on another feature for the header panel (reattaching to tor instances)
so there might be a handler here by the time you start.

I'm fine with F5. From the curses documentation it sounds like you can
compare the keycode to the curses.KEY_F5 constant.

3. Adding the newnym to the header panel - this will be the hardest
part (but still not too difficult). This will only be visible when
we're a non-relay, and involves filling in...

Normally this could say something like "Press F5 for a new identity",
then after they send a newnym instead display "Building circuits
(newnym signal unavailable for X seconds)".

4. Coordinate with Kamran for the menu option. Maybe we want to
somehow make it disabled while sending a newnym is unavailable?

> - mumble with krkhan (and you?)

I'm looking forward to it. We should be able to set this up next week.

Cheers! -Damian

On Mon, May 23, 2011 at 7:04 AM, dominik <d.schuetzdeller at gmx.de> wrote:
> hello atagar,
> im sorry for not sending this email yesterday. my vserver hoster has reset
> the wrong vserver and caused some trouble =(
> ... anyway
> i had 3 ideas realizing this:
> 1. build a new "page"
>   that page should contain possibilities for adding nodes to use (entry or
> bridges, relay and exit). it should also contain
>   some informations about flags from that nodes; especially if that node is
> a known bad node. there should also be a
>   new identity button.
> 2. implement it within the menues krkhan is working on
>   as i now heard krkhan is working on a menu, what would be the best and
> user friendliest way for implementing the
>   stuff in there and create some masks for the according informations to be
> put in there.
> 3. using a hotkey for some things like "new identity"
>   first of all i thought about using the "f5"-button as a hotkey for using
> new circuits. i like the idea of using the same hotkey
>   as it is used in the browser.
> that new identity thing how ever needs to have a check whether the node
> where it runs on is a client or some other thing.
> ok... before you are going to ask how i am going further - this is what my
> todo list says:
> - delete torsh from monitoring programs in the thesis
> - describe whether there is a magical setup for nagios for ~6 different
> nodes or not ...
> - describe and edit features for arm
> - search an elegant way for recreating a new circuit in pytorctl
> - mumble with krkhan (and you?)
> - based on the things said i am going to begin implementations (from
> saturday on fulltime)
> after all my decision of working on arm after my thesis still is the same...
> even if python3 has a weird utf8 handling.
> i will also work on torsh as a fun project
> best regards
> dominik

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