[tor-dev] IPv6 Thoughts

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Mon May 16 00:23:35 UTC 2011

On 2011-May-15 23:53, Lucky Green wrote:
> In summary, outbound IPv6 Tor connections from end-users can wait until
> after Tor servers accept inbound IPv6 connections (and after exit nodes
> can make outbound IPv6 connections to other services).

Correct, but the bigger issue, which I have mostly tackled is that the
current in-git tor is not address family agnostic.

The moment Tor is address family agnostic it can listen on any address
type, the next step is to teach the internal protocol, the onion routing
portion, to support IPv6 connectivity and a probably more intrusive
patch to teach it to support multiple address/port combo's per node.

Most of that "client" code is there already as SOCKS5 fortunately
supports IPv6 resolving and that code is implemented already, SOCKS4(a)
does not support IPv6 though, possibly if one connects by hostname.

Current IPv6 diff (that does not compile completely yet though):

$ wc tor-ipv6.diff
  2968  12526 116496 tor-ipv6.diff

Need some sleep now, and got a concert tomorrow evening (and that thing
called work during the day...), but I'll try to finish it off on tuesday
evening and then get it here on the list in a chunked way so that the
changes can easily be read and then that it gets integrated into the
master branch.


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