[tor-dev] Proposal status, with suggestions for fun stuff to do

Mike Perry mikeperry at fscked.org
Thu Mar 3 05:26:00 UTC 2011

Thus spake Nick Mathewson (nickm at torproject.org):

>    159  Exit Scanning
>      This is an overview of SoaT, with some ideas for how to
>      integrate it into Tor.
>      Mike, is this implemented? Done?  Superseded?  Still open?

We are most of the way through the "Human Review" phase of this
proposal, but only for the HTTP and HTTPS versions of the scans. I would
like to re-enable HTML, and implement an SSH scan, too. The authority
integration pieces are not present in either tor core or the scanners.

>    xxx-exit-scanning-outline.txt
>      Looks like this was superseded by 159?

Yes, and also the 2009 HotPETS paper on TorFlow.

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist
fscked.org evil labs
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