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Tue Mar 1 03:41:44 UTC 2011

international consumer markets is to support one major Windows version
back. Considering the fact that Windows 7 is basically the /real/
release of Windows Vista, this means that today Tor should run on
Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. I believe that policy would
serve the Tor Project well.

Another important policy decision to codify is which Service Pack level
to support. Here the answer is "latest", for a number of reasons:

1) Tor will have no choice but to be compatible with the latest shipping
Service Pack due to the sheer number of users that will upgrade to the
SP upon release.

2) OS bugs that prevented an application from operating correctly prior
to a particular SP release can rarely be worked around in the
application if that workaround has not been found by the time the SP is
released. (Nor is creating such a workaround at that time an appropriate
investment of resources when a functional, no-cost, SP exists).

3) SPs are readily available to most anybody with an Internet connected
PC. Even in areas of poor bandwidth SPs tend to readily be available
in CD-R format in such communities and news of such availability quickly

Indeed, the longest laggards in SP adoption tend not be faraway places,
but large corporate IT environments with corporate PC images that cannot
upgrade to a particular SP because of poor coding practices in
mission-critical enterprise applications that cannot be worked around
since the original dev team has long left the company and source code is
incomplete/cannot be found.

Hope this helps,

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