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Mon Jun 20 21:04:01 UTC 2011

"The Tor network consists of around 2,000 relays and 500 bridges run by
volunteers, some of which are on dedicated servers and some on laptops
or mobile devices.  Obviously, we can expect the relays run on dedicated
servers to be more "stable" than those on mobile phones. But it is
difficult to draw a line between stable and unstable relays. In most
cases it depends on the context which relays count as stable:


In this analysis, we use a simulator to resemble how the directory
authorities assign the Stable and Guard relay flags.  This simulator
uses archived directory data to decide when a relay was running and when
it failed or was restarted.  We further use this simulator to calculate
future stability metrics that help us evaluate the quality of a given
relay flag assignment.  We modify the input parameters to Tor's
stability metrics to see whether we can improve how the directory
authorities should assign relay flags.  The analysis data and simulator
used in this report are available on the Tor metrics website at"

I also made the simulator code and input data available here:

As always, feedback is highly appreciated!


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