[tor-dev] Tor AF independence patch - first big step to Tor IPv6

Jeroen Massar jeroen at unfix.org
Mon Jun 20 21:54:44 UTC 2011

On 2011-06-20 23:22 , Nick Mathewson wrote:
> Do you remember which git checkout it was?  I can't find one that it
> applies cleanly to.

I am too much of a git noob, but:

git status reveals:
# On branch master
# Your branch is behind 'origin/master' by 142 commits, and can be

How to get the current md5/hash out is eehmmm, help!? :)

Nevertheless, I can just take the patch and apply it to a check out and
then I can make it match cleanly against the current master again.

See also the point at the end.

>  [...]
>> A question there also becomes, do we want to show a Tor node as separate
>> IPv4 and IPv6 routers, or are they to be seen as one, if it is one, we
>> require the above ORMultiport, so that we can have multiple IP addresses
>> and ports on a single node.
> It's one router; it has to be.  After all, it needs to be able

[from the follow-up mail]
> After all, every IPv6-enabled router needs to be able to connect to
> IPv4 and IPv6 addresses both, or else there will be two completely
> separate networks, which would be bad for anonymity.

Good point, but we need to settle on how to cleanly handle this.

>  [...]
>> And maybe, it could be useful to have a special branch on torproject's
>> git server for this, as it is quite a bit of patch ;)
> This should definitely get a git repository someplace.  In the future,
> if it's possible, please try to do stuff like this as a series of
> patches rather than as one huge patch.  Stuff this big is hard to
> merge and hard to review.

Agree and point taken. I'll need to do a git crash course I guess ;)

> Some initial thoughts:

I'll get to these tomorrow after sleep ;)

> And that's it for my comments on v1 -- looks like a good beginning!
> Do you have time to clean this stuff up soon, or shall I start hacking
> on it?  I'd like to get IPv6 support into 0.2.3.x if at all possible.

I'll work on this tomorrow:
 - get it into a git repo
 - reply&fix the initial points made above (the snipped stuff ;)

Then we can go for round two.


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