[tor-dev] license question

Frederic Bor frederic.bor at wanadoo.fr
Thu Jun 16 14:51:29 UTC 2011


I’m currently implementing transparent proxying for tor with Layered Service
Provider feature on windows. Microsoft provides a sample to demonstrate how
to implement an empty LSP (this is a lot of work, even to do nothing). This
sample is distributed under the license attached in this email. I have been
advised on #tor-dev to ask here about its compatibility with 3-clause BSD.

It seems compatible to me but the following restriction may be a problem in
an open source context:

"You may not [...] modify or distribute the source code of any Distributable
Code so that any part of it becomes subject to an Excluded License. An
Excluded License is one that requires, as a condition of use, modification
or distribution, that:
- the code be disclosed or distributed in source code form, or
- others have the right to modify it."

The wording "requires, as a condition of use, modification or distribution"
seems to allow to use the sample in tor, since there is no such requirement
in 3-clause BSD.

Does this seem right to you?

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