[tor-dev] Python TorCtl development questions

Sean Robinson seankrobinson at gmail.com
Sat Jun 11 15:57:59 UTC 2011

  I have begun using the Python TorCtl package to develop a gui TOR
controller.  So, I am looking at the TorCtl source to understand how
to use it properly.  In this examination, I have begun adding
comments, renaming vars to be more explicit, etc.  How open are the
developers to these changes?

  Will the devs accept patches to remove unused code.  I'm looking at
you, TorCtl.TorUtil.Enum.

  Is there interest in making TorCtl into a more mainstream form of
Python package?  See

  How far back in Python versions are we trying to maintain
compatibility?  As an example: TorCtl.TorUtil.Callable seems to be
used to create static methods, but the staticmethod function to do
this was added in Py2.2 (Dec 2001) and the @staticmethod decorator
form was added in Py2.4 (Nov 2004).

  And thank you for TorCtl, it certainly saved me time not to have to
implement a protocol engine from scratch.

Sean Robinson
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