[tor-dev] Requesting feedback on TorDNSd v1.1

LETO m8rovpdyd at gmail.com
Sun Jul 24 15:46:11 UTC 2011

Could some of you be so kind to try out my latest version of TorDNSd?

It works a lot like ttdnsd with some additional features:

- Filters to tell TorDNSd what requests to forward directly, forward through
the SOCKS proxy or reject.
- Remaps to define your own query replies (Currently only supports A, MX and
NS replies)
- Interactive shell (tordnsd-shell.exe): config-add settings and see them in
action right away, will add extra features in the future.
- Accepts both UDP and TPC DNS requests, forwards both through TCP requests
- Basic caching of replies (optional)

The rejects are handy to for example prevent leaking .onion requests (or any
request if you want)

You can also find some additional information about this release on my blog
( http://leto-r.blogspot.com/2011/07/tordnsd-v11-is-out.html )

It is written in C# and has been tested by myself under mono 2.6.7 / ubuntu

Check the default configuration @
the full list of available settings.

You can either download the mono compatible bins (
https://github.com/downloads/LETO-R/TorDNSd/tordnsd-v1.1-all-bin.zip ) or
the windows installer (
https://github.com/downloads/LETO-R/TorDNSd/tordnsd-v1.1-win-setup.exe )

You can find the source code of these bins @
sure to get the submodules too)

The sourcecode should be compilable using either MonoDevelop 2.4.2 (using
the mono runtime) or Visual Studio 2010.

If you do not run it as root on a non-windows system, a fatal error is
printed since TorDNSd will most likely not be able to bind on port 53.
Specify --no-root to skip this check.

Kind of feedback I'd like of you:

- What OS did you try it on? When ran using mono, what version?
- Did it work? Did it require the elevated rights (root / administrator)?
Did the root-checking work on non-windows systems?
- Did the shell work for you? If not, what issues did you notice? Any
improvements that you suggest?
- Are the settings explained well enough (check tordnsd.conf)?
- Is the supplied default configuration sufficient? Any filter / remaps I
- Any other feedback you can think of, don't hold back!

This is my first attempt at a cross-platform .NET project that contains some
non-windows specific code / workarounds (mostly for the shell) so I really
could use the feedback.

If you do not wish to run it as your main dns resolver 'just yet', you can
always test it by using dig (examples: 'dig @ bla.onion' to test
rejection, or 'dig @ vescum.tor' to test the remap feature)

All I ask is to stay constructive.

If you wonder, I constantly have TorDNSd (shell) running now and have
configured it as my main dns resolver as I consider it secure. Hope you find
this to be true as well.

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