[tor-dev] Drafting a proposal for mnemonic onion URLs

Sai tor at saizai.com
Wed Dec 21 04:20:43 UTC 2011

Howdy all.

I would like to make a mnemonic translation method for onion URLs. Not
as in a full petname system with registration and so forth, just a
"four little words" style way of rendering and entering existing
80-bit hashes in a way that is memorable to not just detect
partial-overlap fuzzing attacks but actually memorize and produce the
URL directly.

I'm not yet ready to make a formal proposal for serious review, but
here is an edit-authorized link to a draft document which has a bit
more detail. Feel free to edit and comment there.

I'll update tor-dev when I feel it's ready for review as an actual
draft proposal; it's certainly not there yet. This is just meant as a
courtesy notice in case you're interested enough to help make it, and
following up from a discussion earlier today on tor-assistants.


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