[tor-dev] Two questions about dir-spec.txt

Karsten Loesing karsten.loesing at gmx.net
Wed Dec 14 18:37:30 UTC 2011

Hi Nick,

as the subject says, two quick questions about dir-spec.txt:

1. The "s" lines of network status entries are specified as:

    "s" SP Flags NL

Now, when a relay has no flags at all, which can happen in a vote or
could happen in older consensus methods, that relay would have an "s"
line just consisting of "s", not "s ".

I think it makes sense to omit the SP, but should this be specified?  If
so, how?

There are other lines where it's not specified whether a trailing SP is
permitted or not.  But I think I only encountered "s" lines without any
list elements so far.

(I ran into problems here a while ago, when I looked for lines starting
with "s " to overwrite an sLine string variable.  But there was no "s "
line for some relays, so the program used the "s " line from the
previous relay.  Went unnoticed.  Ugh.)

2. The "m" lines in votes are not in dir-spec.txt.  I haven't looked at
proposal 158 yet.  Is that proposal up-to-date?


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