[tor-dev] Purpose Controller Bug

Tarik Karaoglu tarik.karaoglu at gmail.com
Wed Dec 14 11:11:17 UTC 2011


I am trying to create circuits for use of my controller application however
I got the following warning
after my unsuccessful attempt.

Dec 14 02:43:35.239 [warn] circuit_launch_by_extend_info(): Bug: unexpected
purpose 19 when cannibalizing a circ.

If I don't specify any purpose, I am able to create general purpose

Another problem is that, is there a way to tell Tor to use separate
circuits for each flow if possible when Tor attaches
streams to circuits?

Currently I am trying to attach streams to circuits using my controller but
I am facing Proxy timeout issues like below:

Dec 14 02:45:35.690 [notice] Tried for 120 seconds to get a connection to
[scrubbed]:40000. Giving up. (waiting for controller)

Any help will be appreciated.


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