[tor-dev] Survey on Tor Trac usage and how you manage your tasks

Sean Robinson seankrobinson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 00:53:05 UTC 2011

On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 5:29 AM, Karsten Loesing
<karsten.loesing at gmx.net> wrote:
> Hi everyone!
> 1 Using Trac features
> 1.1 Which of the reports (stored ticket queries) do you use most often?


> 1.2 What are typical custom queries that you run?

Only one:


> 1.3 How do you use milestones and roadmaps?

I do not.

> 1.4 Are you subscribed to tor-bugs and/or tor-wiki-changes, and how do
> you use the mails sent to these lists?

tor-bugs only - I read the mail there looking for controller and TorCtl topics.

> 1.5 Which wiki pages do you read/edit most often?


> 1.6 How do you search for wiki pages?

I do not.

> 1.7 What are typical search terms that you use when using the search
> features?


> 1.8 Do you use keywords and the tags page, and if so, what are keywords
> that you typically use?


> 1.9 How relevant are the following ticket fields for you?
> 1.9.1 Reported by
> 1.9.2 Owned by
> 1.9.3 Priority
> 1.9.5 Component

Very important

> 1.9.4 Milestone
> 1.9.6 Version
> 1.9.7 Keywords
> 1.9.8 Cc
> 1.9.9 Parent ID
> 1.9.10 Points
> 1.9.11 Actual Points

Not at all

> 1.10 How relevant are the following ticket statuses for you?
> 1.10.1 accepted
> 1.10.2 assigned

Not at all

> 1.10.3 closed
> 1.10.4 needs_information
> 1.10.5 needs_review
> 1.10.6 new
> 1.10.7 reopened


> 1.11 What other features do you use in Trac?

I am subscribed to a Trac-based RSS feed watching the above Custom Query.

> 1.12 What features are you missing in Trac?

I would have preferred the ability to receive emails for any changes
related to a specific component (i.e. TorCtl).

> 1.13 What features would you want our Trac not to offer anymore, because
> they're making things only more confusing for you (and for people who
> are new to Tor)?
> 2 Solving typical software development tasks
> Note that the questions below don't just focus on Trac, but on any tools
> or communication media you use for solving a task.
> 2.1 How do you decide what to work on, both when fixing bugs or when
> implementing new features?

Whatever catches my interest.

> 2.2 How do you keep track of what things you're supposed to do for
> sponsors and for when?


> 2.3 How do you memorize new ideas to work on when they come up?

Local TODO list.

> 2.4 How do you coordinate working together with someone on something?

Mailing list and Trac

> 2.5 How do you learn who you could work together with on something?

Ask on the mailing list and read Trac tickets to see who is working on
the component.

> 2.6 What other software development tasks do you have that may be
> supported by Trac or a Trac-like system?


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