[tor-dev] Tor and slow DOS attacks

Georg Koppen g.koppen at jondos.de
Wed Aug 24 19:21:00 UTC 2011


today, I read that blog post:


It is talking about the rise of slow DOS attacks and that Tor could play
an important role in it (in fact the post links to an already existing
tool for this attack properly configured to get used with Tor).
As one of the defenses (granted the last one on his list) the author

"Block TOR exit nodes before the traffic reaches your webservers (IE, at
layer 3/4)."

Well, as this is not good for the Tor network and makes it unnecessary
easy for censors to argue for blocking Tor ("we just want to defend us
against slow DOS attacks") I am wondering whether there is already some
effort under way to detect and ban such kind of traffic. Or should there
be such effort at all?


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