[tor-dev] Survey on Tor Trac usage and how you manage your tasks

Karsten Loesing karsten.loesing at gmx.net
Mon Aug 22 12:29:09 UTC 2011

Hi everyone!

At the last annual dev meeting in Waterloo we had a very productive
discussion about managing the various channels of Tor communication:


Related to that discussion, we should talk about how we use Tor's Trac
system, or more generally how we manage our Tor tasks.  We use Trac as
issue tracker, wiki, and for project management.  But it seems that
everyone uses Trac slightly different and has their own expectations how
other people use it.  This can slow us down.  In addition to that, some
people may not know how Trac can solve their problems.  Knowing how
others use Trac might help them manage their tasks more quickly.  Let's
conduct a survey!

The survey below consists of two parts:  The first part focuses on
Trac's features and whether you're using them or not.  The second part
is about managing your tasks in general, either with or without Trac.

If you are a Tor developer or volunteer or think you have some input on
the topic, please fill out this survey until

  Sunday, August 28, 2011

and send it either to this list or to me.  I'll try to summarize what
was said and send the survey results to this list, hopefully before the
end of the month.


1 Using Trac features

1.1 Which of the reports (stored ticket queries) do you use most often?

1.2 What are typical custom queries that you run?

1.3 How do you use milestones and roadmaps?

1.4 Are you subscribed to tor-bugs and/or tor-wiki-changes, and how do
you use the mails sent to these lists?

1.5 Which wiki pages do you read/edit most often?

1.6 How do you search for wiki pages?

1.7 What are typical search terms that you use when using the search

1.8 Do you use keywords and the tags page, and if so, what are keywords
that you typically use?

1.9 How relevant are the following ticket fields for you?

1.9.1 Reported by

1.9.2 Owned by

1.9.3 Priority

1.9.4 Milestone

1.9.5 Component

1.9.6 Version

1.9.7 Keywords

1.9.8 Cc

1.9.9 Parent ID

1.9.10 Points

1.9.11 Actual Points

1.10 How relevant are the following ticket statuses for you?

1.10.1 accepted

1.10.2 assigned

1.10.3 closed

1.10.4 needs_information

1.10.5 needs_review

1.10.6 new

1.10.7 reopened

1.11 What other features do you use in Trac?

1.12 What features are you missing in Trac?

1.13 What features would you want our Trac not to offer anymore, because
they're making things only more confusing for you (and for people who
are new to Tor)?

2 Solving typical software development tasks

Note that the questions below don't just focus on Trac, but on any tools
or communication media you use for solving a task.

2.1 How do you decide what to work on, both when fixing bugs or when
implementing new features?

2.2 How do you keep track of what things you're supposed to do for
sponsors and for when?

2.3 How do you memorize new ideas to work on when they come up?

2.4 How do you coordinate working together with someone on something?

2.5 How do you learn who you could work together with on something?

2.6 What other software development tasks do you have that may be
supported by Trac or a Trac-like system?

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