Sebastian Hahn mail at
Wed Oct 13 15:25:10 UTC 2010

On Oct 13, 2010, at 8:51 AM, Karsten Loesing wrote:
> Hi Sebastian, hi Roger,


> - What shall we do with the Torperf run on ferrinii that fetches a 50
> KiB file every minute and notes the path? I think Sebastian wanted  
> this
> run to validate whether our assumption about Tor doing path  
> selection is
> correct. Do you still want to do this? Shall I keep it running?

I thought we would want to run all our torperfs this way, because it  
collect just the data and when we need it we can look at it. Is there an
indication that this would be unwise?

> - Shall we "upgrade" the Torperfs on moria/torperf.tpo/siv to write
> their path to disk? Sebastian, did you finish the script to combine
> .data and .extradata files? And can you push your .extradata code to  
> the
> main repository? While upgrading the Torperf scripts, should we also
> upgrade the Tor clients? Last time I checked, siv was running
>, torperf was running, and moria was
> running

I did finish the script, it is in my bug1918 branch currently. I had  
for some review before pushing my code to the main review, but if
that's unlikely to happen I'll merge.

I hope to have answered all questions that I can usefully answer here :)

All the best

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