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Cav <cav at> wrote:

> All source code changes to the stock are included, when 
> installed, in a 'src' folder, should anyone want to inspect what has 
> been changed.

Please document your changes and send them to the Tor developers as
patches, instead of mashing them into a modified source tree and
distributing them only within a big binary package.  If your changes are
useful, they can be added to the official Tor codebase; if they are
harmful, whether to users or to the Tor network, the Tor developers can
explain why.

> Is there anyway this software stack can get a wide exposure ?

There are many ways that your software can get ‘wide exposure’.  One
way is to distribute it to users with a gaping security flaw, and wait
for someone else to rip it to shreds.  All of us would prefer to avoid
that kind of exposure.

> I can post links when the software has been sufficiently tested and is 
> released, probably as a Torrent, for download.

The Tor Project makes its source code available for public review and
testing *before* it distributes packages to users.  If you want other
people to trust your Tor derivative, whatever you call it, you should
do the same.

There are many public Git hosting sites where you can post the Git
repositories containing your modified Tor and your build scripts.  I use (to post your Tor sources there, start by going to and clicking the ‘fork’ link), but you may
prefer another site.

Robert Ransom
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