Tor - Black Belt Edition for Windows - Tor Client + Tor Server(with accounting) - sideBYside

Cav cav at
Thu Oct 28 05:44:31 UTC 2010

We are just completing the 2010-11 release of Tor - Black Belt Edition.- 
running on Windows.

This version, with some tweaking, actually includes 2 vidalia+tor 
stacks, running side by side.

One as a server, providing 15MB of bandwidth per day.
The other as an unrestricted client.

The use of the server, and its auto-starting, on Windows user-login is 
controlled through the Start menu and install-time options. This is to 
ensure that no user is 'forced' to run an exit relay without their 

I am hoping for a wide exposure of this software version.
Just 1000 users of this version would be capable of adding 15GB !!! of 
Server bandwidth PER DAY to the Tor network, with each user providing 
their small amount. Surely this will help the Tor network immensely.

All source code changes to the stock are included, when 
installed, in a 'src' folder, should anyone want to inspect what has 
been changed.

Is there anyway this software stack can get a wide exposure ?

I can post links when the software has been sufficiently tested and is 
released, probably as a Torrent, for download.

With kind regards,
Cav Edwards

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