Tor on 64bit Windows (XP)

Cav cav at
Tue Nov 2 12:43:16 UTC 2010

Hi or-dev,

Someone asked me about Tor on 64bit Windows XP.
Does anyone have any thoughts on Tor running under XP @ 64bit ?
I don't know if its just an issue of compiling it ?

Im sure 32bit Tor can run under 64bit Windows 7 (well, im kinda sure(ish) )

I found this link to 64bit compatible software, offering Tor for download...
But the list of OS'es at that site does not explicitly name 64bit 
Windows XP, mentioning only 64bit Windows 7.

It could be a case of suggesting a move to Windows 7 ?

I cant experiment as I'm on a 32bit OS.

Thanks in advance...

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