Anomos - anonymous bit torrent - using Onion Routing...

grarpamp grarpamp at
Mon Nov 15 09:42:58 UTC 2010

It's my understanding that BitTorrent is less of a bandwidth hog as it
is a connections/circuits hog. These are expensive to create and you
can't balance your BitTorrenting by hosting a high-bandwidth node
because to have 0 net effect on the network, you'd have to host a
circuit's worth of nodes for every circuit you're using for BitTorrent

Bandwidth is surely finite but I'd bet safe to calculate. I would think
it easy to reach zero net, starting at minimally six times your use.

Circuits are a separate issue. AFAIK, they are just consumers of state
on the nodes... CPU, RAM, TCP, etc. I can see where adding a node
[any node] in at 6x [or any x] would help distribute that load as well.

Other than between the tracker, BT spawns a bunch of bandwith filled
pipes, up to some number of peers limit in the app. What is, if any, the
relationship between IPv4 TCP flows and Tor circuit usage? That could
help calculate the replacement value for non-bandwidth node resources.

> Am I wrong, Tor Old Ones?

I sure haven't got that far in reading to guess yet, so yeah, if someone
has a hunch, that would be interesting. Maybe 6 nodes that add up to
6x bandwidth or something.

Not sure about anyone else, but I do think that with the way things
are going on the internet, more people will be looking to anonymous
systems in general to supplant it for their 'filesharing' and other
interests. That accumulation might be unstoppable.  So hopefully
those sorts of uses are being thought after and researched/planned/coded for.

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