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Wed Nov 10 07:03:25 UTC 2010

"we have created a platform where by no party outside of the trusted
tracker will have any information about who a peer is or what they are

There are many issues with this. Just an FYI re Anomos.

On 11/9/10, Kyle Williams <kyle.kwilliams at> wrote:
> On Tue, Nov 9, 2010 at 11:21 AM, John M. Schanck <jms07 at>wrote:
>> On Tue, Nov 09, 2010 at 04:55:06PM +0000, Cav wrote:
>> > Hi Or-Dev,
>> >
>> > I have stumbled across this torrent client. My first thoughts, upon
>> > seeing Onion Routing in the description, was wondering if this is
>> > using the Tor network.
>> > I have included a link and some details about this torrent client below.
>> >
>> > In which case, does this then mean its likely to clobber the Tor
>> > network with p2p traffic ? - this bodes ill for Tor servers ?
>> > Does anyone have any thoughts ?
>> > [snip]
>> Hi Cav,
>> I'm an Anomos developer so hopefully I can answer your questions :).
>> Anomos does not rely on the Tor network in any way. The blog does
>> suggest that clients could use Tor to make their announce requests, but
>> that functionality isn't built into Anomos directly.
> It is important to note that the many torrent clients report their real IP
> address to the tracker through the announcement of the torrent.  This is so
> other torrent clients can send request to the client that issued the
> announce to the tracker.  Anyone who has run an exit node and observed
> torrent exit traffic.  Bottom line, it's not anonymous if the client reports
> to the tracker correctly.
>> Even if users chose
>> to announce over Tor, it would amount, at most, to a few small HTTPS
>> requests per client per hour. The file transfers themselves are done
>> entirely peer-to-peer, with clients connected to the same tracker
>> serving as relays for each other. So, Anomos certainly wouldn't clobber
>> the Tor network, and ideally it would alleviate some of the load on Tor
>> by drawing BitTorrent users off of it.
>> -John

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