Anomos - anonymous bit torrent - using Onion Routing...

Cav cav at
Tue Nov 9 16:55:06 UTC 2010

Hi Or-Dev,

I have stumbled across this torrent client. My first thoughts, upon 
seeing Onion Routing in the description, was wondering if this is using 
the Tor network.
I have included a link and some details about this torrent client below.

In which case, does this then mean its likely to clobber the Tor network 
with p2p traffic ? - this bodes ill for Tor servers ?
Does anyone have any thoughts ?

 From the main page...
*Anomos* is a pseudonymous, encrypted multi-peer-to-peer file 
distribution protocol. It is based on the peer/tracker concept of 
BitTorrent in combination with an onion routing anonymization layer, 
with the added benefit of end-to-end encryption. By combining these 
technologies, we have created a platform where by no party outside of 
the trusted tracker will have any information about who a peer is or 
what they are downloading.

Anomos, psp client home page...

Tor is explicitly mentioned in this comments blog...


With kind regards,

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