Recommended combinations tor/ssl/libevent

Nick Mathewson nickm at
Mon Nov 8 21:21:39 UTC 2010

On Mon, Nov 8, 2010 at 10:15 AM, Hans Schnehl <torvallenator at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> see exempt from coredump of a v0.2.2.12-alpha-dev, which was happily
> running until 5 days ago.
> Which versions of libevent, openssh , tor itself are known to be co-working
> nicely nowadays ?

I'd guess that your problem there is the Tor version: The latest
0.2.2.x alpha code, or the latest maint-0.2.2 git head, should be much
better than anything from back in April.  If you're going to use alpha
releases, you should probably try to keep up-to-date: knowing that
there was a bug in at this point doesn't really help us
much unless we know whether it is also a bug in the latest 0.2.2.x.
This goes doubly for "-dev" versions (versions based on the state of
the Git repository between releases): if you want to checkpoint the
state of Tor development then ignore it for half a year, I'd strondly
suggest checkpointing at an actually released version that works for

For Libevent, I personally recommend the latest 2.0.x, or at least
1.4.12-stable or later.  1.3e should work in a pinch too, if you
really must.

Tor doesn't use openssh; it uses openssl.  Most vendor versions should
work assuming they claim to be 0.9.7x or later.  If you can't use your
vendor's shipped version, I personally recommend the latest 0.9.8x
release or the latest 1.0.0x release.

(These are my recommended versions, not an exhaustive list of
known-to-work versions.  To the best of my knowledge, nobody has
compiled such a list.)


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