Idea: Using the SPDY protocol to improve Tor performance

Carsten Krüger C.Krueger at
Thu Feb 4 22:14:28 UTC 2010

Hello Steven,

> Google's benchmarks show a ~50% speed-up, and better performance in

Google didn't benchmark loading the same side twice.

> SPDY is a transport layer for HTTP, and so has no effect on caching.

Wrong, SPDY didn't now If-Modified-Since_Header and sends all data

From the FAQ of SPDY:
Since we're proposing to do almost everything over an encrypted channel, we're making caching either difficult or impossible.
We've had some discussions about having a non-secure, static-only content channel (where the resources are signed, or cryptographic hashes of the insecure content are sent over a secure link), but have made no headway yet...

> Server push does need to be handled carefully with respect to caching,

The Server pushes everything


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