Proposal: Separate streams across circuits by destination port or destination host

Robert Ransom rransom.8774 at
Sun Aug 8 18:39:11 UTC 2010

On Sun, 8 Aug 2010 12:23:06 +0100
Robert Hogan <robert at> wrote:

> Maybe there are other things Tor could do with the SOCKS connection if 
> username information is not present:
> - Do not share SOCKS4/4a/5 on the same circuit.
> - On *nix use the source port to look up the connection's application name 
>   in  /proc/pid/cmdline and, if cmdline is readable, treat that as a SOCKS
>   username when choosing circuits.

- Do not share circuits across multiple client IP addresses (when
  SocksPort is exposed to a local network).
- Do not share circuits across clients connecting to different SOCKS
  ports (when the SocksListenAddress is used to specify multiple SOCKS

Robert Ransom
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