The long anticipated move from Flyspray...

Erinn Clark erinn at
Tue Apr 27 11:26:45 UTC 2010

So, a couple of updates.

* Erinn Clark <erinn at> [2010:04:22 23:06 -0700]: 
> The version control support is pending. I'm going to add the git
> support, but currently there doesn't appear to be a way to use remote
> subversion repositories, so I've just added a link to
> and for
> now.

I can't declare a firm date for when this integration will happen, but
what we're waiting on is the multi-repo support that's in the pending
Trac release (0.12):

Once that's up and running I'll add the git repos and begin working on
figuring out a way to get remote svn repos running too.

Many people have requested the ability to be subscribed to all bugs,
automatically, including all updates they receive. There is a tor-bugs@
mailing list in the works for exactly this purpose and once that's
sorted out, people should be able to subscribe to it and imbibe deeply
from the firehose, so to speak.

I think most of the initial bugs are fixed at this point. There are
still many wiki pages which need to be tamed, but if you come across
any particularly egregious ones, please let me know and I'll fix them.

And as a final plea, one cool feature that I would like to see used
frequently is tags:

Tags aren't really new technology, but being able to sort by topic
rather than component is compelling, especially in the case where you
might have random volunteers (or even established ones) who check to see
if there's anything fun (and specific) to hack on. So maybe they could
sort by "easy", "openssl", "help", "c++", "needs-testers" or whatever. 

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