The long anticipated move from Flyspray...

Erinn Clark erinn at
Fri Apr 23 06:06:40 UTC 2010 finally complete:

We've moved to Trac and both and
redirect to the above URL now. Please update the URLs in your source
code, bookmarks, etc. All of the bug numbers are the same so this should
hopefully be relatively easy. Your logins should work and you should
still be subscribed to any bugs you were subscribed to before. The wiki
has also been converted.

The version control support is pending. I'm going to add the git
support, but currently there doesn't appear to be a way to use remote
subversion repositories, so I've just added a link to and for

I've added everyone I could remember to the trac admin group. If you are
not an admin and are a developer, please email me or ping me on IRC,
tell me your login name and I'll add you. 

Things you can and should do:

- Take a look over and
form new default reports. 

I made one for myself and Andrew under Tor Bundles and Installation
( but didn't want to
presume I could do the same for everyone else. For example, bugs for Tor
Client and Tor Server might want to be in a single report, or maybe
nobody cares about Active Tickets by Milestone and it needs to
disappear. If you have admin access, you can delete/modify these.

- Beat it up a little and tell me if you find bugs!

- Feature requests. There are a number of Trac plugins we might want.

And many thanks to Peter for his sysadmin-fu and overall help. :)

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