Thoughts on changing our package names

Andrew Lewman andrew at
Sat Nov 14 04:43:15 UTC 2009

On 11/13/2009 09:47 PM, Sebastian Hahn wrote:
>> Tor-Installation-Bundle-for-(Windows|OS X)-(bundle version number).
>> Only -stable versions of Tor get a bundle version number as described
>> above.  -alpha packages are still built the with the version numbers of
>> tor and vidalia as a distinction.  Alternatively, we could switch to
>> some nomenclature such as odd numbered major versions as -alpha, even
>> numbered major releases as -stable.  However, given how fast we switch
>> from -alpha to -stable, we'll be at Tor Installation Bundle for Windows
>> 14.1 soon enough.
> Why not keep our current way of naming stuff for alphas (calling the
> bundle Vidalia bundle, etc; and making it a little harder to find on the
> website so less unsuspecting users stumble across it the first time they
> try out Tor)? It seems that our testers should be able to cope.

I'm fine with leaving the -alpha bundles alone.

> What does Matt think about rebranding Vidalia?

I don't think we need to rebrand vidalia.  I'm literally just thinking
about the package names, the file names, and how we reference them.
Having Vidalia as the control interface, branded vidalia, still works
for most people, as the name matches the whole onion thing we have going on.

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