Older proposals in need of discussion: 149 ("Using data from NETINFO cells")

Sebastian Hahn mail at sebastianhahn.net
Sat Jun 6 00:09:13 UTC 2009

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On May 22, 2009, at 9:47 PM, Nick Mathewson wrote:

> Last August I sent out proposal 149, but it never got much discussion
> on this list.  (Looking at the archives, I can't find any.)  Here's
> the paragraph that hasn't much been implemented:

I've read through the proposal as it exists today, and it appears to  
be missing something to actually do, imo. Maybe something like the  
next paragraph could help make things clearer?

Adjusting our time and IP address

    When we believe that our clock is skewed, we should log who told us
    so and adjust our clock accordingly. We should remember that we
    (recently) adjusted our clock, and learn whether adjusting the clock
    helped at all. If it didn't help for a few times, we should warn  
    our clock is erratic and we cannot work correctly. For our IP  
    we want to build two test circuits before we change our IP, to make
    sure we're really available at the new address and not available at
    the old address anymore. If we're not available at the new  
address, we
    should warn about this problem.

I'm still not totally happy, I still wonder if there is something  
missing that better describes what we want to do



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