Patch to enable socks4/5 support for OR connections

Nick Mathewson nickm at
Wed Jan 21 06:14:08 UTC 2009

On Fri, Jan 16, 2009 at 01:10:27PM -0800, Christopher Davis wrote:
> Hello,
> I mentioned this work breifly in a post to or-talk just recently.
> Hopefully, this can be useful to others.
> Directory connections could be made to use SOCKS proxies, as well,
> using the same framework. Although, as Roger explained in his reply 
> to my post to or-talk, supporting OR connections seems to be enough
> to get things working.
> The SOCKS 5 client supports rfc 1929 user/pass auth if the 
> configuration directives are set. The SOCKS 4 user id is always 
> left empty.
> Functions to connect through the proxy server are in connection.c.
> I moved in the functions for HTTP CONNECT proxy support from
> connection_or.c, so that there is a consistent framework. Hopefully
> the comments are enough to explain how it works, but if not, I 
> can expand them a bit. 

Hi, Christopher!  This looks like good code to me; it is one of the
best-written feature patches I've seen in a long time.

Right now, though, the Tor development branch is in feature-freeze to
get ready for a stable 0.2.1.x release.  Could I ask you to remind me
to look at this patch again once 0.2.1.x is on a stable branch and
0.2.2.x development is underway?

(If people who want to use Tor from behind their SOCKS proxies would
try this patch out and let me know whether it works for them too, that
would be great.)

thanks again,

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