Another data set worth graphing: v3 status votes

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Apr 1 10:42:17 UTC 2009

Hi Karsten,

I've been thinking about

The way we noticed it was by realizing that some authorities were voting
for Stable very differently than the other authorities.

While you're working on metrics, it might be useful to take the
v3-status-votes file from gabelmoo's datadir (which contains all
the v3 networkstatus votes for the last consensus), and make a
graph for each status flag of which authority voted how for each
relay. I'm imagining relays on the x axis (the votes already sort
them by identity key I think), and booleans on the y axis, and six
colors for the six authorities. The votes ought to mostly overlap --
any significant differences might indicate further bugs. For example,
if some authorities have stopped voting correctly for Stable, that will
influence their Guard flag assignment too.

Doing the parsing and graphing in a mostly automated way will let us
easily rerun the test down the road to make sure that anomalies haven't

A more interesting graph might be the average of votes from the authority
for that relay over some time period. Do we save votes currently, or
just consensuses?

Not super high priority, unless it turns out to uncover a big bug, in
which case we'll want to go back in time and mark it high priority. ;)


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