Brainstorming about Tor, Germany, and data retention

Lexi Pimenidis lexi at
Thu Oct 9 06:35:01 UTC 2008

On Thu, Oct 09, 2008 at 06:29:00AM CEST, Smuggler wrote:

> The issue is mostly the part of the law that concerns "replacement of
> addresses". Basically every node would need to log the original IP and
> the new IP of a connection as well as the time when the connection
> started and ended.
> "Anonymisierungsdienste speichern die ursprüngliche und die neue Angabe
> sowie des Zeitpunktes der Umschreibung dieser Angaben nach Datum und
> Uhrzeit unter Angabe der zugrunde liegenden Zeitzone"
> The problem here is that the "Technische Richtlinie" (technical
> directive) has not yet been adapted to the law and/or not yet publicized.

Although I've heared recently that "small nodes" (like personal devices for 
NAT as used for sharing single DSL-lines) will not fall under the directive.

Maybe it's possible to exploit this loophole?

-- Lexi

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