Random note from TODO.021

John Brooks aspecialj at gmail.com
Sat Oct 11 01:29:47 UTC 2008

One of the items in TODO.021 (under Steven) is:

  - Figure out (or give up on) how to run Tor Browser and ordinary
    Firefox side-by-side.

If this is still unsolved, I can provide the answer - I had the same
problem awhile ago with my own PortableFirefox/Tor setup. Firefox
reads some settings when it starts from a .ini in the same directory
and with the same name as the firefox binary (i.e.
FirefoxPortable.ini, or Firefox.ini). Create that file if it doesn't
exist. The setting you want is:


When set to true, this will allow multiple copies of firefox (from the
same or different binaries) to start, and does not need to be set on
any other copies of firefox that are used.

Hope that helps.

- John Brooks

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